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Virtually all of the wild bees in Arizona are a hybrid mix of European Honey Bees and Africanized Bees/Killer Bees. The majority are at least somewhat aggressive when defending their hive. Since the only way to tell the difference is to put yourself in what could be a precarious position, we don’t recommend do-it-yourself-bee-removal. Our Licensed Bee Pros are well trained, experienced and have the proper products and equipment to handle your bee problem safely and efficiently. We have a great reputation and thousand’s of happy bee control and removal customers since we opened for business in 1991. Don’t get stung – call or text us at 623-226-7555 or fill out the contact form below and we’ll get back to you.


Our team offers quality, efficient and effective bee control and/or removal services throughout the Metro Phoenix area including all of the Sun Cities: Sun City, Sun City West, Sun City Festival and Sun City Grand. They have many thousands of bee extermination services under their belts in all sorts of different situations. Got bees in a wall void or in your attic? They’ve done that thousands of times. Got bees in a tree, in a block wall or under the floor of a shed or detached garage? Been there, done that. Whether the bees are 10 stories up or in the basement or crawl space we can handle it. Africanized bees, also known as killer bees – no problem. European Honey Bees or Bumble Bees, too. And if the honeycomb is big enough and in a place where it can cause a problem, they can handle the honeycomb removal, too. It’s simple: if you have bees and are in the Sun City, Sun City West, Sun City Festival or Sun City Grand areas, our team of Licensed, Pre-Screened Bee Pros is your best choice.

It takes the nectar of some 2,000,000 different flowers
for bees to be able to produce a single pound of honey!